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This is the tool you've been looking for! View and Compare mortgage loan rates from the nations largest lenders - Wells Fargo, Chase, Quicken Loans and more - we link directly to their mortgage rate tables!

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Getting the best deal on a mortgage loan starts with finding a great rate. The next step is to compare the fees that you'll pay to get the loan. These are reflected in the mortgage loans APR, which is the actual rate you are paying when all fees are added in.

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8 Tips: How to Get the Best Deal on a Mortgage Loan

There are a few simple steps you can take to insure you get a great deal on a refinance, home equity or purchase mortgage loan. Finding the lowest rate is a good first step but having your credit and documentation together is a big part of actually qualifying for that low rate.

How to improve your credit score in 7 Simple Steps

 If your credit score has taken a hit there are some easy things you can do to improve your score in short order. Here are our top tips:

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